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I work with SO many woman who don't realize that Impostor Syndrome is sabotaging their careers and businesses.  In today's video I help you figure out if you have Impostor Syndrome and how this impacts your success.  

Your need to procrastinate or over-prepare is not simply a part of your personality.  It's actually rooted in fear.  And it's hurting your career.  Tune in to today's video on how to STOP these sabotaging patterns.  

Do you procrastinate? Over-prepare? Second guess? Fear making a mistake? You got a case of perfectionism! It's costing you big time in your career. Here’s the reality of perfectionism and what to start doing about it.

There are WAY too many of us working below our career potential because we are TERRIFIED of criticism. If you work hard to AVOID criticism you are likely building your career TOO small and feeling stressed regularly. Let's talk about why you need to shift your rel...

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