New Business Transition

Mindset Makeover- Stop Thinking & Start Doing


You want a change.  You’re worn out from your current 9-5.


You can feel your insides light up like a Christmas tree when you think about having a thriving online business that you love.  



You're overwhelmed by the reality of doing it!  Like many new aspiring business owners you worry:

What will people think?

Who am I to be doing this?

What if I fail?

Will my co-workers/boss think I’m CRAZY?

How do I leave this job?

Am I really qualified to start a business?

Do I need more training to start coaching/consulting?

How do I just put myself out there?

Am I really competent enough to build a business?

How will I compete with the people thriving online?

How do I get comfortable telling people about my new career path?

What are the steps I should be taking to make this happen?

These fears, second guessing and overwhelm are SO strong, they keep you hesitating, over- researching and waiting for the perfect time to take action.


What are the biggest business killers?

Mindset monsters running the show. 

Allowing patterns like perfectionism, indecisiveness, fear of failure and fear of judgment to hold you back from taking consistent action.


Taking the wrong actions and burning out.

It's too easy to waste your time and money on marketing strategies, websites, and other time sucks before you are CLEAR  and EXPERIENCED enough on what you are doing to make these work for you.


There is NO judgment here! I made ALL the mistakes that people make when starting a business.  I spent a large portion of my career  drowning in mindset issues like perfectionism and fear of judgement.  And these showed up in FULL FORCE when I decided to leave my job as a professor to become a speaker and coach.


My mindset was slowing down my success and fulfillment by epic proportions. The only way out for me was a deep dive into my own self sabotaging behaviors. 


I know you are tired of coming home from work day after day thinking TOMORROW will be the day I get moving on building my online business.  Deep down you know it’s time, but it feels a bit like jumping off a cliff with no parachute. 


The good news is...I am your parachute.


Well...kinda of…I am the mindset ninja who can help you get clear and confident so you can BE YOUR OWN PARACHUTE OFF THAT CLIFF.

The business transition coaching program will help you to:

Feel clear and confident in your decision to make this transition so you can end the second-guessing. 

Take consistent, relevant, actions so you can get your business GOING.  

Focus on your capabilities and business goals (no more compare and despair with everyone else online)

Have clarity on WHEN and HOW to transition out of your 9-5 so you can move into your business full-time. 

Own your competency so you can show up in your business with your FULL potential.

Put yourself and your work out into the world without the fear of judgement and failure weighing you down.

Speak to others about your new career path with ease and confidence (hint: only when it’s time to share this decision).

Move forward with a plan that fits your specific business needs (the trainings you need, the steps you should be taking, the future investments you should consider...) so you can END the overwhelm. 

Don't just take my word for it...

Carri Mansfield

ERIN IS WORTH EVERY PENNY!  Erin listens to what you say but hears what’s underneath.  She can tell what you really need to breakthrough. Before working with Erin, I was struggling with taking steps to move my business forward. Now, I'm able to take actions, even when it's uncomfortable. Erin was wonderful to work with, without her support I truly do not believe I would have taken the actions I did to move my business forward!

Tina Vansteenbergen

When I started coaching with Erin I had a deep desire to step into a full time career as an entrepreneur and speaker.  I was stuck in fear. Erin took my fear and turned it on its head and helped me to use it as motivation. She gave me tangible takeaways from each session that I could apply to my days.  I not only made the transition, I exceeded my career goals for the year!  COACHING WAS 100% WORTH THE INVESTMENT AND THEN SOME!!

Josephine Hobbs

Erin motivated me to take action without even thinking about it!  IF YOU PROCRASTINATE, HAVE PERFECTIONISM, OR HAVE IMPOSTOR SYNDROME YOU WON'T AFTER WORKING WITH ERIN! I It’s like a massive dose of motivation and courage. Without Erin I would still be struggling and stuck and scared of putting myself out there!


Over 3 months we take a deep dive into your mind AND your future business.  We start exactly where you are--just forming a business idea or a year into trying to transition out of 9-5 and into your business--and get you moving. 

Business building takes more than a passion, it takes PERSISTENCE and COURAGE.  What separates those who make it happen and those who don't OFTEN comes down to MINDSET. This isn't just about logistical steps to take.  


This is about getting your mind primed to be decisive, consistent, focused, brave, confident and calm.  

Still not sure this is for you? I completely understand.  You have likely attempted to draw upon your own tools to get these pattens unstuck (positive thinking, accountability partners, meditation, vision boards, self-coaching...)


Unfortunately, you can't push through these patterns by trying to positive think, or will-power your way out of them. The brain is tricky when it comes to making changes and it calls BULL-SHIT when you try to convince it to think differently. 

You need an objective perspective on your blind spots and cognitive tools to help your brain actually REWIRE it's thinking.  

 That's my cue!


I spent 8 years as a professor in the walls of academia.  But, my life-long obsession with personal and professional development led me into my life as a business owner, professional speaker, and master coach.  

I created this program because I was OVER seeing so many smart women fall short of their business dreams because of sneaky mindset issues and information overwhelm.​

My coaching is like a laser pointer.  I know how to quickly get to the root of your patterns and cognitively get things shifted.  This isn't cheerleading or simple accountability.  I have mastered coaching and psychology tools that get your mind rewired for clarity, confidence, and ACTION. 


(5) 75 minutes 1:1 sessions with me over Zoom or FaceTime where we'll dive in deep and get you out of any fear and overwhelm.  These sessions are TRANSFORMATIONAL. The work we do is designed to move you through these issues NOW and in the FUTURE. 

A deep dive into your biggest mindset blocks (fear of failure, fear of judgement, impostor syndrome...) so you can ease these sabotaging patterns as you move forward in your business building. 

Session centered homework to get your mind unblocked and your days focused on productive action.  

Customized memes after each session to reinforce mindset breakthroughs and action steps.  This helps you to stay on track and keep you following through.

A clear PLAN OF ACTION specific to your needs so you can make sure you are taking the RIGHT steps toward getting the experience and knowledge you need to build your business and show up for your clients.   


Resources specific to your needs (podcasts, books, & articles) to expedite your progress! 

Email support for 3 months.  When things get crazy you have me in your back pocket to mini coach you through it.

BONUS: I know it’s difficult to feel engaged in your 9-5 while building your business. My coaching will help you to deal with ANY work issues that make your day-job feel exhausting.  This makes a HUGE difference in helping you reserve your energy for getting that business going!


Investment: $1597 

If this feels like a program you need...

Hop on a consultation call with me.  I will get to know you and give you some mini coaching. If it’s a fit-- we will get you signed up for the Business Transition coaching program.

Each time I got stuck or was spinning in circles Erin knew how to laser in on that shit and hit on exactly what I needed to hear to move forward. Erin has the ability to really connect. She has this ability to really key into what  the underlying mindset problem really is. She has a magical way of asking questions that really probe and get to the heart of the matter quickly, so that WE WERE ABLE TO MAKE PROGRESS QUICKLY! She just gets it.

-Michelle Eberhart


I’m making a decent salary, but I’m definitely on a budget. Can I really afford this?

Currently Paypal offers a payment plan option.  Many of the clients I’ve worked with have cleared mindset blocks around showing up for their full potential and speaking up to ask for money in their current career and their businesses. When considering the investment, I encourage you to think about the long term financial gains that result from doing this work.  

I’d love to make sure I get the most out of our sessions. Can I record the calls?

Sure! We can connect on Zoom allowing you to record the sessions so you can revisit them as needed.


I definitely need this! How do I enroll?

Once we do a consultation and know it's a great fit, I will provide you with the information to enroll.

I’d love to work with you, but what if I only need a couple sessions?

Having coached a lot of women transitioning into building a business,  I know how long it takes to get you moving forward. If your situation is unique, and requires shorter coaching support, I will let you know in our consultation and offer up an alternative approach.  


I am overwhelmed by all the technological options for setting up my business systems. Do you advise on technical questions such as the best computer program to use for X?

I am 100% willing to share what has worked for me, or programs I am familiar with but I am NOT an expert on the many business building technical support systems.


I know there are legal considerations when starting a business. Do you offer legal advice?

Unfortunately, there are different legal considerations based on your type of business and your location. I am not able to provide legal advice.  However, depending on your location, I may be able to provide you with resources to find what you need.


I don’t have access to FaceTime or Zoom. Can we do the sessions on a regular phone call?

I prefer to conduct the session using a video component as seeing your face helps me to move you through mindset blocks, however if this isn’t possible we can schedule a phone call instead.  

For the first time ever things are starting to make sense, flow and actually WORK! And that 100% COULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED if Erin wasn't in my corner. I'm so grateful and glad that I listened to my gut and hired her.  I am VERRRY happy to say that since working with Erin, I BETA TESTED MY NEW PROGRAM, GOT HIRRED BY 3 CLIENTS, AND AM OFFICIALLY LAUNCHING MY NEW 1 MONTH PROGRAM NEXT MONTH! 

-Eva Liao

Erin helped me remove my mental blocks so I could finally grow my business.  She helped me embrace and build on my strengths. She gave me excellent advice regarding how I market my business! I left her coaching session feeling empowered and with very tangible take-aways to move forward with. I CANNOT RECOMMEND ERIN ENOUGH! 

-Kimberly Mack

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