Time For A Change

 one-on-one coaching program


Simply jumping into a different job is not a logical game plan.  Your career deserves thoughtful exploration and a plan that fits YOU.

Do people REALLY love their work? You’re skeptical, Right? Instead of lighting up when people ask you about your job, you tell them, it pays the bills, it’s fine or I’m lucky to have good benefits and time off.  The lack of motivation keeps creeping in.  Your days feel monotonous and draining as hell. 

Deep down inside you fear that this might be as good as it gets, or you worry that going after something new may end in a failure so screw it—I’ll just stay put.

I get it. 

I remember wondering if this was all life had to offer. I was so BORED by the content of my career in academics that I literally fell asleep planning lectures.  I thought it was a problem with my focus, motivation or gratitude. 


I tried to build my life around time off (and as a professor, I had some great time off!) But, this didn’t scratch the itch.  I had a nagging knowing that I had more to offer to my career and my career had more to offer to my life.

It took me way too long to simply wake up and acknowledge--HOLY SHIT--I’m in the wrong career.   


may be like me and know you are in the wrong career.  Or, maybe you loved your career years ago, but now it's time for a change.  

No matter the reason--feeling bored, agitated, and unfulfilled by your work impacts your life.  BIG TIME!


Feel that you’re wasting too much of your life.

Find that work dread ruins your downtime and time off.

Scroll through social media wondering how others seem to land their dream jobs.

Notice you are getting less patient with co-workers/clients.

Daydream about how things could have been different if I had______.

Find yourself complaining about work on a daily basis.

Feel so drained by your workday that you come home and feel like doing nothing—Netflix and bed!


Many of my clients feel overwhelmed by all of life's career options.  One day you think you should open a restaurant, the next day you decide that being gardener feels like your dream job. 


This kind of overwhelm often shuts down the brain and will lead you back into thinking—never mind, this is likely as good as it gets.  I’ll just stay put!


Take a breath. I am here to tell you with 100% certainty that there are NOT an infinite amount of options.  There are a few that make sense for you specifically.  AND, your current job is NOT as good as it gets.  It gets way better. 


My coaching is designed to get you crystal f*@#-ing clear. There is no point in making a job or career change by shooting in the dark and hoping it works out.  You need to take time to explore what you really want, where you have a competitive edge and how to access the confidence to move toward something new.

To say enrolling as a client of Erin's was the best decision of my young adult life is an understatement.  It's hard to explain how beneficial a personalized coach is to your overall well-being and personal growth until you've experienced it yourself.  Erin peels back layers and helps you objectively assess and identify with who you are. She's invested in you, and not just within your hour of coaching, but in your everyday life.  

-Jessica Mattson Nashville, TN


(5) 75 MINUTE SESSIONS WITH ME  (via Facetime or Skype) where we dive in and get you clear and confident

SESSION CENTERED HOMEWORK to keep you on track during your daily life. 

BREAKTHROUGH MEMES after each session that provide reinforcement for what you worked through. Reinforcement is absolutely essential.  

UNLIMITED EMAIL SUPPORT for 12 weeks.  I am in your back pocket whenever you need me so that you can stop navigating this shit alone.  

CUSTOMIZED RESOURCES pertinent to your specific needs (this includes books, articles, podcasts and/or videos.)


Deal with the emotional blocks that come up around making a change.

Getting space from the emotional shit is necessary so that you can access your real desires and strengths.  Fears muck up the brain and often cloud clarity. It's IMPERITIVE that you have the confidence to move into the changes you seek. 

Identify any work patterns that are mucking up your current work.

We don’t want you going into you next job and experiencing similar feelings of boredom or frustration.  Cleaning up your current work patterns ensures that you are clear about what is working and what is not.  It allows you to enter into a new job/career at your best

Analyze your strengths and peak roles.

Using  strength assessment tools and daily exercises, we will get you clear on your strengths and weaknesses.  It is essential that you know where you are energized and where you are not.  These tools will be necessary for you to learn as you move forward.  This way, you can continue to reassess throughout your career and make choices that serve you best. 

Create a clear plan of action.

We will get specific about the steps involved to get you from where you are to where you want to be.  No more overwhelm and indecisiveness.  When you fly away you'll understand where you are headed and how to get there. (Many of my clients actually end up in the new job before the 12 weeks is over—it kinda blows my mind-grapes.  Things can happen fast once the brain gets space from fear and clarity about what's next.)

Investment $847


We do a free consultation via Facetime or Skype before any commitment. During this time we will do some actual coaching and you will get a clear sense for how I work.  If you're on the fence, I recommend you do the consultation.  IT'S FREE COACHING. NO COMMITMENT.  

The offer of a complimentary consult tempted me to set up an appointment. That session was invaluable! We clicked! This was different than a supportive spouse or best friend. Erin listened & came back with deep follow up questions.  Her skilled process helped me get immediate clarity. I was committed and there were so many more amazing changes to come! "

--Sarah Austin Malta, NY


What if I don't feel like I need 12 weeks?

I understand wanting a shotgun solution to a career change. We all want a quick fix! But, I am in the business of making sure my clients are clear and confident on how to navigate their career in a way that will lead to the most long-term fulfillment possible.  This in not about me simply having you take a strength's assessment and then sending you on your way.  This program is for women seeking thoughtful exploration that allows for deep transformation and clarity. 

How do I know if I am ready for coaching? 

You are ready for this coaching program if:  1. You have been working for at least three years. 2. You WANT something to change. 3. You are willing to set aside the time for the 5 sessions bi-weekly for 12 weeks. 

You are NOT ready for this program if: 1.  You just entered the working world or just graduated. 2.  You don't want to make any changes you only want others to change. -or- 3.  You cannot commit to being available for the 5 sessions bi-weekly for 12 weeks.  

How do I pay you?

After the free consultation, if the coaching program feels right for you, I invoice you through Paypal.  

Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes a payment plan option is availabe and can be discussed during the consultation.  

Can I secure the same time slot for all  my sessions?

Yes. I will work with you to come up with a time that works for your schedule.  When possible we will scheudule the same day of the week and time for all sessions.  

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