Jumpstart your coaching business 

5 week one-on-one coaching program


You are not alone in your struggle to clearly and confidently get your coaching business out into the world and flourishing. 

The internet is filled with advice on how to get your business moving forward.  Some of it is helpful and some of it just makes you feel like you need to be working on 1000 different things at any given moment!

Deep down inside you fear that you might not be cut out for this shit.  

I get it. 

I spent a year and a half second guessing, over thinking, changing strategies and ultimately burning myself out.  I  became depleted and disconnected from the reasons why I started coaching.   

It took me way too long to reach out and get  the support I needed to GROW MY BUSINESS.  


may be like me and are feeling overwhelmed around the process of getting your business moving.  Or perhaps you feel in control of your strategy but wish you had solid feedback on your message, blog posts, and even coaching process. 

Building a successful coaching business takes courage, consistency and a SMART strategy.  


Frequently worrying that others are going to judge your business and/or your content.

Feeling imposter syndrome around your ability to coach or build your business. .

Scrolling through social media wondering how others seem to make coaching work.

Spending your days changing approaches to building your business. 

Longing for someone to look at your blog posts, videos, website and give you solid, helpful feedback. "Am I even on the right track?"

This can disconnect you from your love of coaching AND SABATOGE YOUR BUSINESS SUCCESS. 


My coaching is designed to get you clear, calm and confident.  Period.  You need to know who you serve & how to speak directly to them. AND you need to be calm & confident enough to consistency put your work into the world.  

Erin helped me remove mental blocks so I could  grow my own business. She helped me overcome my need to "fix" what I perceived to be wrong with me and helped me embrace and build on my strengths. She  gave me excellent advice regarding how I market my business! I left each of her coaching sessions feeling empowered and with very tangible take-aways to move forward with. Erin is genuine, kind and gifted. I cannot recommend  her enough!

-Kimberly Mack, Reiki Practitioner and Family Life Educator


(4) 75 MINUTE SESSIONS WITH ME  (via Facetime or Skype) where we dive in and get you clear, calm, confident and moving forward. -- These sessions are designed to specifically address your needs. (How to get your first clients, how to deal with your self-doubt,  how to design your package, how to deal with a difficult client and much more...)  

SESSION CENTERED HOMEWORK to keep you in action mode.--  You can't think your way into building a successful business you need to get moving! 

BREAKTHROUGH MEMES after each session.-- Reinforcement is absolutely essential.  We want your mind remembering how to think confidently so that you don't sabotage your growth.   

UNLIMITED EMAIL SUPPORT for 5 weeks. -- I am in your back pocket so that you can stop navigating this shit alone.  

CONTENT FEEDBACK on blog articles/videos and website pages. -- Depending on where you are in your business building process (you don't HAVE to have a website to work with me) I will give you feedback on up to 4 blog posts (written or video) and  3 webpages. We want your content and marketing clear and engaging so you draw in the RIGHT clients.  

Investment $490


We do a free consultation via Facetime or Skype before any commitment. During this time we will do some actual coaching and you will get a clear sense for how I work.  If you're on the fence, I recommend you do the consultation.  IT'S FREE COACHING. NO COMMITMENT.  

I feel so lucky to have met Erin. I was introduced to Erin by another coach, and I have to say wow- Erin is not any ordinary career coach- and I highly recommend calling her.  Within 20 minutes, Erin answered questions I didn't even ask- "questions behind the questions". Erin's magic is that she's able to extract someone's secret sauce VERY quickly. It doesn't take hours and hours to "find out what you want" with Erin, and what I discovered is that when you meet someone like her, you're able to make a massive leap in clarity without long questionnaires or hours and hours of sessions.

-Sophie Li

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