Mastering your career

12 week one-on-one coaching program


Too many women are missing out on enjoying  AND mastering their careers because of overwhelm, perfectionism, fear of failure and anxiety about the judgment of others.   

If I could catch up I would love this job! I am stretched too thin.  This organization undervalues me.

If I am gonna work this hard, I should be compensated better. Somethings gotta give. What did they think about my presentation? What if I fail at this? I got this! Wait, did I misspell words in the email I sent?  Sound familiar? Work-life can feel like a yo-yo. One minute you are filled with a rush of satisfaction, the next minute it feels like a mountain of anxiety just landed on top of you.   

And, even worse--you work hard to build a successful career so you can enjoy your life. But, then you spend your life thinking about your damn job.  

I get it. 

My brain loves to work in overdrive.  It used to feel like the energizer bunny was between my ears--drilling me with messages about what I was doing, what others were doing, what I should be doing, what others should be doing and how I could do better! AHHHHHH!  It makes my head hurt.  

Even after a career change into a job I loved, my work patterns had me feeling constantly overwhelmed. It was robbing me of a deep sense of fulfillment in my career AND my life.  I knew I didn't want to simply help women find work they loved unless I could show them how to feel amazing while doing it.   After some deep exploration:

my work patterns and remove the emotional shit that was preventing me from FEELING free, calm, confident and balanced in my career.  


I learned how to

Constant work overwhelm has a huge impact on your well-being.  It waters down your career and robs you of enjoying your life. 


You frequently think about your work even after work.  

You feel like you are ALWAYS working literally and/or mentally.

You find yourself agitated at work because you have too much to do.

You are frequently worrying about how others percieve your work or contributions. 

You daydream about how much better things will feel after you catch up.

You feel an anxious need to be seen as AMAZING by co-workers and supervisors.

You spend brainpower overanalyzing your conversations, emails and work performance.  


It's easy to get caught up in the insane and twisted belief that exhaustion and overwhelm are some kind of badge of honor. You know--that game we play around who is busier, more stressed or more undervalued at work.  News flash--no one wins that game. Being frequently overwhelmed is not a part of work-life--It's an alarm bell asking you to PAY ATTENTION.  

Feeling calm, confident, and fulfilled at work is not only possible, it's the BEST way to have a long and successful career.  


My coaching is designed to dive into the work patterns that are mucking up your job.  This is NOT just about shifting your to do list, this is about dealing with the perfectionism, fears, overanalyzing, and momentary confidence crises that waste mental energy and time.   This is about creating calm, focus, AND fun around your work.  

I love the work I do, but being an entrepreneur can be an overwhelming.  Erin was absolutely amazing to work with!  Her coaching was personalized to my needs and  addressed the work patterns that were getting in my way.  She is a master coach.  She quickly helped me to become more decisive and confident. I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to feel WAY better throughout your work day! 

Jess Ekstrom, Raleigh, NC

CEO & Founder at Headbands of Hope


(5) 75 MINUTE SESSIONS WITH ME  (via Facetime or Skype) where we dive in to your specific work patterns and get you FREEDOM. 

SESSION CENTERED HOMEWORK to keep you on track during your daily life. 

BREAKTHROUGH MEMES after each session that provide reinforcement for what you've worked through. Reinforcement is absolutely essential.  

UNLIMITED EMAIL SUPPORT for 12 weeks.  I am in your back pocket whenever you need me so that you can stop navigating this shit alone.  

CUSTOMIZED RESOURCES pertinent to your specific needs (this includes books, articles, podcasts and/or videos.)


Uncover and work through emotional barriers

This is where we dive into fear of failure, perfectionism, self-doubt, fear of judgment, and more.  It is CRUCIAL that we address these emotional barriers that are draining and limiting.  You will do your best work when this is eased.  AND, you will FEEL way better doing it.  

Identify your daily work patterns and roles

It is essential that you get clear on your energizing vs. draining roles.  Once the emotional shit is cleared this becomes much easier to spot. Understanding how to  structure and balance your day around the tasks and activities that are most fulfilling vs. most tedious is a game changer.  This optimizes your energy and cuts way down on overwhelm.   

Create impactful work boundaries 

When we hear about boundaries, we often think about learning to say no. This is important, but the real secret is in learning WHEN to say no and when to say hell yes! As we remove the emotional and work pattern barriers it becomes possible to clearly see what boundaries you need to set. I teach you how to spot them and how to set them!   

Make overall workday and afterwork adjustments 

It's key that you have a system that is specific to you. Generic advice on how to get shit done by doing these 3 steps is crap. You need a structure around your work-patterns that is aligned with your unique way of working and that fits your life.  We create a way of working (and NOT working) that honors your work-demands, your strengths and your personal needs. 

Investment $847


We do a free consultation via Facetime or Skype before any commitment. During this time we will do some actual coaching and you will get a clear sense for how I work.  If you're on the fence, I recommend you do the consultation.  IT'S FREE COACHING. NO COMMITMENT.   

I gained more out of my initial consultation meeting with Erin than I could have ever expected.  Not only to get to know me, but also to do a full coaching session with me so I could understand her work and clarify my goals. It was amazing to feel the impact of just one conversation with Erin, and I knew it was just the beginning of a transformative and impactful journey to come. 

--Talia Deljou Atlanta, GA

Cofounder + President at Mavenly Co. 


What if I don't feel like I need 12 weeks?

The issues we dive into during my mastering work life program are deep and transformative.  This is not a surface program where we create task lists and manage work-load.  This program is designed to dig deep and help you feel more free in your work and your life.  You learn tools that will help you navigate your career for years to come.  There is no quick fix.  If you want to feel deeply fulfilled, calm and confident in your career you need to commit the time to making it happen.  

How do I know if I am ready for coaching? 

You are ready for this coaching program if:  1. You have been working for at least three years. 2. You WANT something to change. 3. You are willing to set aside the time for the 5 sessions bi-weekly for 12 weeks. 

You are NOT ready for this program if: 1.  You just entered the working world or just graduated. 2.  You don't want to make any changes you only want others to change. -or- 3.  You cannot commit to being available for the 5 sessions bi-weekly for 12 weeks.  

How do I pay you?

After the free consultation, if the coaching program feels right for you, I invoice you through Paypal.  

Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes a payment plan option is available  and can be discussed during the consultation.  

Can I secure the same time slot for all  my sessions?

Yes. I will work with you to come up with a time that works for your schedule.  When possible we will schedule the same day of the week and time for all sessions.  

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